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Central Colorado is surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The Sawatch mountain range crosses the area with 14 mountains over 14,000 feet. Chaffee County, home to Buena Vista and Salida has twelve peaks which rise above 14,000 feet in elevation, making the county the one with the greatest number of “Fourteeners” in the state.

Snow on Huron Peak, a Colorado fourteener.

Huron Peak

Huron Peak (14,003 ft.) just makes the cut for being a Colorado “fourteener”. Despite it being the lowest of fifty-four fourteeners in the state, many in the climbing community regard Huro...  Details

LaPlata Peak, west of Twin Lakes, CO

La Plata Peak

“La Plata” means “silver” in Spanish, and the mountain was named such from the many silver deposits in the area, which also includes the mining towns of Vicksburg and Winfield ...  Details

Stunning views from Missouri Mountain in Chaffee County, Colorado

Missouri Mountain

Although no one knows for sure, some believe Missouri Mountain (14,067’) was named by miners from Missouri who lived and worked down in Clear Creek Canyon.   This peak is sometimes climbe...  Details

Mt Antero driving towards Mt Princeton Hot Springs

Mt. Antero

Mt. Antero (14,276’), the eleventh highest peak in Colorado, was named for Chief Antero of the Uintah band of Utes. This mountain is located directly west of Nathrop and is visible from both Bue...  Details

Nearing tree line on Mt Belford, a Colorado 14" mountain

Mt. Belford

Mt. Belford (14,197’) is located in far northern Chaffee County and accessible from Clear Creek Canyon. It was named after James B. Belford, the first Colorado congressman.   The standard...  Details

Mt Columbia in Buena Vista, CO area

Mt. Columbia

Mt. Columbia, altitude 14,077 feet, is one of five peaks in the Sawatch Range named after well-known universities.   Compared to neighboring Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale, Mt. Columbia does not re...  Details

Mt. Elbert, highest mountain in Colorado

Mt. Elbert

Mt. Elbert (14,433’) is the highest point in Colorado, and only second to Mt. Whitney in California as the highest peak in the continental United States. The mountain was named after Samuel Hitt...  Details

Mt. Harvard, 3rd highest "fourteener" in Colorado

Mt. Harvard

At, 14,421 feet, Mount Harvard is the third highest “fourteener” in Colorado. Only neighboring Mount Massive and Mount Elbert, farther to the north in the Sawatch Range, sit taller at only...  Details

View of Mt. Massive from Leadville

Mt. Massive

Among the many mountains surrounding Leadville, Mt. Massive (14,421’) stands as a behemoth to the west of Leadville, serving as a landmark practically no matter where one is in town. Its name, M...  Details

Photo of Mt. Oxford, one of the Collegiate Peaks (14,153’)

Mt. Oxford

Mt. Oxford (14,153’) is located in northern Chaffee County and is accessible from Clear Creek Canyon. Named after Oxford University in England, it is the northern most peak that is part of the C...  Details

Mt Princeton taken near Nathrop, CO

Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton, sits dramatically to the southwest of Buena Vista. With the summit close on the east side of the Sawatch Range and hovering above the Arkansas River Valley, it seems one has a magnifice...  Details

View of Mt. Shavano outside of Salida, Colorado

Mt. Shavano

Standing tall over the city of Salida, Mt. Shavano is well-known for its snow formation known as the “Angel of Shavano”. During snowmelt in the spring, a graceful shape of an angel emerges...  Details

Mt. Yale west of Buena Vista, CO

Mt. Yale

Mt. Yale, altitude 14,198 feet, is the 21st highest mountain in Colorado. It is part of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range, named along with Mt. Princeton, Mt. Columbia, Mt. Harvard and Mt. Oxf...  Details

Tabequache Peak

Tabeguache Peak

Tabeguache Peak (14,155’) is the 27th tallest peak in Colorado. It is pronounced “tab-uh-wash”.   This peak lives in the shadow of the more popular Mt. Shavano, as it is situa...  Details

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